Over $159 million in fuel cost savings and over 427,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided.*

Power generation

We provide a trucked natural gas solution to fuel off-grid power stations, displacing the use of diesel and delivering a lower capital cost solution than natural gas pipelines and with lower fuel costs than diesel.

Power stations receive natural gas from our on-site LNG facilities as if they had taken it from a natural gas pipeline.

Marine bunkering

We provide facilities to allow ships to bunker cost competitive, lower emissions LNG at the Port of Fremantle in Western Australia and are looking to develop bunkering locations at other major Australian ports.

EVOL LNG is licensed to provide truck-to-ship LNG bunkering by two major Australian port authorities, Fremantle Ports and Pilbara Port Authority.

Friendly, personalised service

We have a wealth of in-house engineering expertise covering all aspects of LNG production, storage, transport and vaporisation, as well as skilled technicians who maintain our LNG assets.

*Cumulative fuel cost savings and avoided GHG emissions are calculated from October 2008 to the most recent calendar quarter based on a comparison between EVOL LNG’s sales data, and an equivalent quantity of diesel on an energy-equivalent basis at the Perth Terminal Gate Price for diesel published on the AIP Website, less GST and excise. GHG emissions for the combustion of natural gas and diesel in stationary engines are based on emissions factors specified in the NGER Technical Guidelines.