Looking for a cost competitive, cleaner fuel?

EVOL LNG provides liquefied natural gas as a fuel for remote power stations, industrial facilities, marine bunkering and transportation that’s cleaner than diesel and LPG.

We help our customers make an effortless transition to the fuel of the future.

  • Power Generation

    LNG for power generation

    We provide a trucked natural gas solution to fuel off-grid power stations, displacing the use of diesel and delivering a lower capital cost solution than natural gas pipelines and with lower fuel costs than diesel.

    Power stations receive natural gas from our on-site LNG facilities as if they had taken it from a natural gas pipeline.

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  • Industrial

    LNG for industrial processes

    We provide a trucked natural gas solution for industrial burners and process heating with lower fuel costs than LPG.

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  • Marine

    LNG bunkering

    We provide facilities to allow ships to bunker cost competitive, lower emissions LNG at the Port of Fremantle in Western Australia and are looking to develop bunkering locations at other major Australian ports.

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  • Transport

    LNG for on-road transport

    LNG enables on-road trucking fleets to switch to a cleaner and more secure fuel.

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  • Mining

    LNG for mine haul trucks

    Energy is one of the largest costs and source of greenhouse gas emissions.

    LNG-fuelled mine haul trucks will enable the mining industry to switch to a clean, secure alternative fuel, that’s also good for the bottom line.

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  • Rail

    LNG for rail transport

    Major manufacturers are developing engines that will enable the use of natural gas in locomotives. This will provide opportunities for rail operators to benefit from cost savings and emission reductions that LNG provides.

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