LNG bunkering

LNG-fuelled vessels enable ship owners to future-proof their fleets to meet tightening regulations, reduce NOx, SOx, PM and CO₂ emissions without costly emission abatement technologies and reduce fuel costs.

EVOL LNG is licensed to provide truck-to-ship LNG bunkering by two major Australian port authorities, Fremantle Ports and Pilbara Port Authority.


bunkering manifoldThe availability of LNG as a bunker fuel at Fremantle and Dampier Ports, which is delivered from our Kwinana LNG plant, paves the way for LNG-fuelled ships to visit the ports, as well as for local ferries and workboats to switch to this lower cost, lower emission fuel.

Fremantle and Dampier join the ranks of other major ports in Europe, North America, Qatar, Singapore, Japan and Korea as well as more than 40 other ports from around the world, all of which bunker LNG or have plans to do so.

LNG is a cleaner fuel than marine diesel, emitting 25 per cent less carbon dioxide, less nitrogen oxides, almost zero sulphur oxides, as well as fewer harmful particulates. If spilt into water, LNG vaporises quickly without leaving residue or a slick and with no adverse impact on marine life or waterways.

EVOL LNG provides a comprehensive bunkering service to its customers including design and fabrication of fully compliant fast bunkering systems, risk assessments, operational procedures and crew training. This comprehensive package is essential to ensuring that the adoption of LNG in your fleet is a smooth process.

At Fremantle, EVOL LNG supplies its customers with LNG at a price that is competitive with low sulphur marine diesel and can refuel ships at up to 45 tonnes per hour of LNG, which is comparable to refuelling with traditional bunker fuels.

EVOL LNG is also looking to develop bunkering facilities at other major Australian ports.

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