Power Generation

LNG for power generation

We provide a trucked natural gas solution to fuel off-grid power stations, displacing the use of diesel and delivering a lower capital cost solution than natural gas pipelines and with lower fuel costs than diesel.

EVOL LNG offers a complete package, delivering natural gas to the power station, ready for use in gas or dual fuel generating sets.

EVOL LNG Virtual Pipeline

We build, own, operate and maintain all LNG storage and vaporisation infrastructure. Natural gas is supplied to a customer as if it had come from a natural gas pipeline.

Natural Gas Pipeline

Natural gas is transported approximately 1,400 kilometres from the gas fields of Western Australia’s north west to Kwinana via the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP).

LNG Plant

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is extracted from the natural gas by Kleenheat’s LPG extraction plant before being sent to the LNG plant. The natural gas is further treated to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) and moisture before being cooled to cryogenic temperatures (approximately -145 °C) for liquefaction. The LNG plant has a nameplate production capacity of 175 tonnes per day. The LNG is stored in a 1,600 tonne insulated sphere before being loaded into road tankers for transportation and sale.

LNG Road Tankers

LNG is loaded into vacuum insulated LNG road tankers. A road train combination of two tankers has a payload of 30 tonnes of LNG. The road tankers transport the LNG up to 1,200 kilometres from the LNG plant to customer sites.

LNG Storage

LNG is unloaded into large vacuum insulated LNG storage vessels. The storage facility is built, owned, operated and maintained by EVOL LNG. The storage facility is typically sized to store 5-7 days’ inventory.

LNG Vaporisation

LNG is vaporised or re-gasified by warming the gas through ambient air fin vaporisers or heat exchangers (if a heat source is available). The vaporised natural gas is then pressure regulated and metered before being piped to the adjoining power station.

Power Station

Natural gas, in the form of vaporised LNG, is burned by the power station either in 100% spark-ignited gas generating sets or dual-fuel gas/diesel generating sets.

When used in a dual-fuel generating set, EVOL LNG’s gas can typically achieve substitution of 70% diesel. Natural gas supplied by EVOL LNG has high methane content (methane number of 98), allowing for high levels gas substitution and further fuel cost savings.

EVOL LNG works with all independent power providers.

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