Our Capabilities

EVOL LNG has an enviable track record in the safe and reliable supply of LNG and is the only supplier operating in the region.

  • Long history of LNG production & distribution

    EVOL LNG has supplied LNG into the Australian market since 2001 and is managed by Kleenheat, which has supplied LPG since 1956.

  • Largest LNG road train fleet in Australia

    A fleet of 30 road tankers have successfully delivered more than 580,000 tonnes of LNG to customer sites since 2001.

  • Only LNG virtual pipeline operating in the region

    Wesfarmers invested in its full-scale WA LNG project in 2006, obtaining first-mover advantage within the Goldfields, Mid-West and South-West regions.

  • Diverse upstream gas suppliers

    EVOL LNG is supported by Kleenheat’s Gas Trading unit, which manages a portfolio of feed gas contracts and is one of the largest consumers of domestic gas in WA.

  • On-site storage

    Three to five days’ storage is provided at the customer’s site. Gas supply is metered at the outlet of the on-site LNG facility, meaning that stored LNG does not tie up the customer’s capital.

  • Large production storage

    Significant storage (1,600 tonnes) is in place at the Kwinana LNG Plant, providing a buffer during plant shutdowns.

  • Consistently high quality gas

    Unlike conventional pipeline gas, LNG is consistently high quality due to its intensive pre-treatment This ensures reliable operation of gas-fired equipment.

  • Technical Expertise

    EVOL LNG has supplied LNG for power generation, industrial and transport uses since 2001 and has developed a wealth of experience and expertise in the production, transport and handling of LNG.

  • Backed by Wesfarmers’ balance sheet and financial strength

    Managed within Kleenheat, which is part of Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers, EVOL LNG has ready access to capital for new customer installations and is a financially strong vendor.